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The Wasatch Global Value Fund has a value-oriented focus on buying stocks below their intrinsic value

What is this fund's objective?

The Fund's investment objectives are to provide capital appreciation and income.

What kind of companies does this fund hold?

The Fund has a value-oriented focus on buying stocks below their long-term intrinsic value.  We are fundamentally driven, supported by a historically robust quantitative screen, exhaustive analysis, and rigorous attention to portfolio construction and risk analysis.


Key to our process is building extremely in-depth financial models, including detailed segment analysis.  This provides insight into company business drivers, growth and profitability characteristics, and a view into intrinsic value.


In general terms, we prefer free cash flow and quality when priced right.  We focus on stock selection as opposed to sector rotation.

How do we find ideas?

We continually read, discuss investment ideas with colleagues, and speak with company managements and industry experts. 


We employ a front-end quantitative screen as an extension of our fundamental process to help narrow down the large universe to a focus list of attractive opportunities.  The screen looks at valuation and quality factors that we find fundamentally most relevant by sector and is validated through rigorous backtesting.  The screen provides a starting point for our fundamental work in addition to helping us stay consistent in applying our investment process.


Fundamental process, portfolio construction and risk analysis


Fundamental to our process is building in-depth proprietary financial models.  These financial models help us understand the business more thoroughly, what expectations are being discounted in the stock price, and where we may have a different view of the company’s long-term fundamentals and valuation.  The process also helps in identifying an initial target price and risk/reward probabilities.


We view portfolio construction as an inter-related group of stocks, not a portfolio of individual stocks.  Position size, stock/sector/region exposure and sell disciplines are continually reviewed.  We also monitor overall risk, company and individual correlations.

Performance for the Institutional Class prior to 1/31/2012 is based on the performance of the Investor Class.  Performance of the Fund's Institutional Class prior to 1/31/2012 uses the actual expenses of the Fund's Investor Class without any adjustments. For any such period of time, the performance of the Fund's Institutional Class would have been substantially similar to, yet higher than, the performance of the Fund's Investor Class, because the shares of both classes are invested in the same portfolio of securities, but the classes bear different expenses.

Investing in foreign securities, especially in emerging markets, entails special risks, such as currency fluctuations and political uncertainties, which are described in more detail in the prospectus.

Investments in value stocks can perform differently from other types of stocks and from the market as a whole and can continue to be undervalued by the market for long periods of time. Loss of principal is a risk of investing.

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