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Why Wasatch Advisors?

Deeper   Our research process is different. Developed from years of pursuing the smallest and hardest-to-reach companies, our process is extremely thorough and goes deeper to find the best information.
Disciplined   Our disciplined approach means we stick to our long-term investment convictions and aren't afraid to close products for the benefit of our clients.
Collaborative   We work together in a collaborative environment, sharing valuable research insights and experiences among all portfolio managers to benefit the entire Wasatch family of mutual funds.
Independent   We make investment decisions away from the noise of Wall Street and industry chatter that can cloud good judgment.

Who we are

We are a research-driven, employee-owned firm. Our experienced team of portfolio managers averages 20 years of experience. Our headquarters are off the beaten path at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah—away from Wall Street and the herd mentality.
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what we believe

What we believe

We believe in common sense investing that involves hard work, cross-team collaboration, and true investment discipline all centered on the investment philosophy that “Earnings Growth Drives Stock Prices Over the Long Term.”
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Where we came from

Founded in 1975 by Sam Stewart, Wasatch started with growth investing in small companies. Sam developed a fundamental, bottom-up research method that focuses on long-term growth and finding market inefficiencies. This type of investing in small, harder to find, and lesser-known companies requires a focused, rigorous research process and close collaboration among our team. Over time, Wasatch added more research professionals and began applying the same successful process to other funds. In addition to uncovering small growth companies, our process now also includes micro cap, value, international, and mid-large cap funds.
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What we do

We invest using an incredibly thorough research process that is enhanced by collaboration practices that encourage sharing information among team members. We are committed to our shareholders by remaining disciplined. We pursue our investment strategies as they are defined, and we have the courage to close our funds when assets hit certain levels—even if it means missing out on additional investors in Wasatch Funds.
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