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Wasatch way

Our Culture

A culture of teamwork fills the offices and halls at Wasatch. We truly hope our efforts to work as a team allow us to exceed your expectations. Every aspect of investing focuses on our founding principles: hard work, discipline, collaboration, candor, and responsibility. Our investment culture thrives in the lives of the people who live it.

Hard Work

“If you hang around the corridors at Wasatch, you may get the sense that there’s a certain academic atmosphere afoot. Some would say it’s because I lived the university life back when Wasatch was created. However, I would simply submit that the people naturally embody the best aspects of the academic discipline including unflagging curiosity, intellectual honesty, rigorous self-examination and, ultimately, the search for truth. I think these personality traits are a big part of why we’re constantly focused on honing our skills. Of course, the main reason is that we're always working to justify the trust you have placed in us. It's that simple—and that important.”

            —SAM STEWART, Founder


“We are disciplined investors who stick to our process. We think long-term and employ true “bottom-up” stock picking—selecting companies for their individual strengths, rather than choosing companies based on hot sectors or current economic cycles. We don’t chase the latest market trends and are patient when it comes to finding and holding stocks of good companies. Our belief is that by using our thorough research process to find opportunities, by encouraging cross-team collaboration, and by keeping a long term perspective, we have created an environment that can deliver long term success.”

            —JB Taylor, CEO, Portfolio Manager


“Our due diligence process is very collaborative—we cross over and work in each other’s markets and team up to research individual names. We share investment ideas, seek insights and perspectives from analysts outside of our team, and provide high-end consulting to each other on entire portfolios.  This is where multiple eyes plays a role; it’s how we help one another to become better investors.”

            —ROGER EDGLEY, Director of International Research

Years of experience have convinced us that the best ideas and insights come from subjecting our efforts to the scrutiny of multiple eyes. That’s why all of us work closely together. This transcends our research department and is a core principle throughout the firm.  Our commitment to collaborate helps us honor the trust you place in us.


“We want our relationship with our clients to be a candid partnership. We tell you what’s working and not working, what we’re learning, and where we’re headed.  We don’t want anything about your investment to be a surprise.  We choose to be candid because we value our long-term relationship with you. We welcome your input and we want you to have confidence knowing that we will always be honest and keep you well informed.”

            —JB Taylor, CEO, Portfolio Manager


“Wasatch is 100% employee owned. We want our success to be directly tied to our clients’ interests.  This is why our commitment to thoroughness reaches all areas of the firm.  We want to be worthy of your trust in every aspect of our relationship.”

            —ERIC BERGESON, President

We push this responsibility to every individual, encouraging an open atmosphere where ideas from any employee on any topic are freely considered—where junior team members comfortably challenge ideas of senior team members.  Ultimately, we know that we will only exceed your expectations through the strength of our team rather than the strength of any one individual.