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Wasatch way

Our Mission

Wasatch Advisors strives to earn your trust every day.

We hope you can take confidence in our investment process and its results. With over 40 years under our belt, we believe our investment experience helps us effectively repeat our homegrown process of thorough due diligence and cross-team collaboration as we evaluate each investment opportunity.  It is a process that takes dedication, learning, and discipline

Delivering performance

Wasatch Advisors is committed to be shareholder-focused. We tend to close our portfolios to new assets when they are still relatively small in order to protect our clients. This gives our portfolio managers investment agility and ensures that they can stay true to their Fund’s original objectives and strategies.  We are not looking to be among the largest investment companies. Instead, we hope to be among the best.

Our relationship with clients is a candid partnership. We tell you what’s working and not working, what we’re learning, and where we’re headed.  We don’t want anything about your investment to be a surprise.  We choose to be candid because we value our long-term relationship with you. We welcome your input and we want you to have confidence knowing that we will always be honest and keep you well informed.

JB Taylor, CEO, Portfolio Manager
I want to restate our genuine appreciation for the confidence you have displayed by entrusting us with your hard-earned money, and to say how seriously we regard our part of the bargain. Without you allowing us to manage your money, there would be no Wasatch. We would have no business. It’s that simple.

Thus, over the past three decades, we have dedicated ourselves to behaving in a careful and prudent manner. There is one thing above all else in this business that truly energizes and excites our entire team—delivering good returns. We strive to perform for you admirably and effectively. Someday, if we do it right and often enough, we look forward to seeing our name on the short list of the industry’s top investors. Consistency is the key.