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Wasatch International Growth Fund to Close to New Investors on January 31, 2014


Wasatch International Growth Fund to Close to New Investors on January 31, 2014

Fund to remain open to existing shareholders, new investors who purchase shares directly from Wasatch, financial advisors with an established position, and retirement plans.


Effective at the end of market trading (4:00 p.m. EST) on January 31, 2014, the Wasatch International Growth Fund (WAIGX) will close to new investors. The Fund will remain open to existing Fund shareholders, as well as current and future clients of financial advisors and retirement plans with an established position in the Fund.

The Fund will also remain open to new and existing shareholders who purchase shares directly from Wasatch Funds.

Wasatch takes fund capacity very seriously. We monitor assets in each of our funds carefully and commit to shareholders to close funds before asset levels rise to a point that would alter our intended investment strategy. At this time we believe it is appropriate to begin limiting future access to the International Growth Fund.


Mutual fund investing involves risks and loss of principal is possible.  Investing in small cap funds will be more volatile and loss of principal could be greater than investing in large cap or more diversified funds.  Investing in foreign securities, especially in emerging markets, entails special risks, such as unstable currencies, highly volatile securities markets and political and social instability, which are described in more detail in the prospectus.

An investor should consider investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing.  To obtain a prospectus, containing this and other information, visit or call 800.551.1700.  Please read it carefully before investing.