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Inception Date    
Account Minimum    
Portfolio Style    
Portfolio Objective    
Compared to Other Wasatch Portfolios    
Portfolio Management and Tenure    
Wtd. Avg.
Market Cap
Market Cap
Price / Earnings Ratio
(Trailing 12 mo.)
Estimated 3-5Yr EPS Growth    
# of Holdings    
Assets and Annualized Performance (Net of Fees)
Net Assets    

Complete composite performance history and disclosures:

Emerging India Composite Presentation 

Emerging Markets Select Composite Presentation

Emerging Markets Small Cap Composite Presentation

Frontier Emerging Small Countries Composite Presentation

Global Small Cap Composite Presentation

International Micro Cap Composite Presentation

International Small Cap Growth Composite Presentation

Micro Cap Growth / Global Composite Presentation

Micro Cap Value Composite Presentation

Small Cap Core Growth Composite Presentation

Small Cap Growth Composite Presentation 

Small Cap Ultra Growth Composite Presentation

Small Cap Value Composite Presentation

Complete List of Composites 

ADV Part 2

The information shown above is for a representative account and is supplemental information to the GIPS-compliant composite presentation for each investment strategy.

Performance figures for the latest period are preliminary and subject to change. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

The performance of the Small Cap Growth Composite prior to 12/31/94 is not in compliance with the GIPS® standards because the composite structure prior to 12/31/94 is not consistent with our current composite construction policies and procedures.  The composite prior to 12/31/94 includes include all separate accounts and mutual funds following the style except those that had significant client-initiated activity (such as cash flows or restrictions) that materially affected our ability to manage them according to the style.  In addition, the composite prior to 12/31/89 includes the equity-only portion of separate accounts managed most closely to the Small Cap Growth style.  The equity-only performance does not include cash.

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